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It has been my honor to serve alongside Mayor Randy Roach in his remarkable administration as Assistant City Administrator, and an even greater honor to be considered by so many to serve as the next mayor of Lake Charles.

Having the opportunity to meet the mayor of Oklahoma City, Mick Cornet, at the 2017 Chamber Banquet, I was inspired by this extraordinary leader who helped build a world-class city. I believe we can do the same thing with our comprehensive platform, practical approach, and marketable plan.

As home to the new clean-energy capital of the world, I realize that steam is the essential element at the heart of the energy industry. STEAM is also the power behind Team E. My STEAM Plan is a catalyst for a greater Lake Charles, and it will focus on our Shoreline, Transportation, Economic Development, Arts and Culture, and Municipal Infrastructure.


Our lakefront is the prize jewel of our community and I want to ensure that this is true for all current and future generations. The lakefront belongs to the people of this city, and I envision developments that will keep it that way.

Anchored by a major sports retailing experience, our shoreline must be completed with ample greenspaces, bike trails, walking paths, wildlife and water features all for family friendly enjoyment. There must be a space designed with each generation in mind. I also envision concert pavilions, community marketplaces, and a food truck plaza that will provide revenue generation opportunities for local business owners as well as tax revenue for the city.

This attractive anchor complemented by the recent and future infrastructure enhancements along the Interstate will lead efforts for new businesses downtown and throughout our area’s corridors.


We must engage in a comprehensive enhancement of our transit system. I want to create a program where people will want to ride mass transit. Our citizens’ lives do not end at 6 p.m., and neither should their public transit system. We must expand our operation’s hours and routes to match the lives of our community, providing options for our residents and visitors. The new Transit Center is a shining example of how we must continue to invest in enhancing the lives of our residents.

I will work with regional agencies to create programs that will expand our services in the future to trollies and commuter trains traveling major thoroughfares, and even providing rides to many local refineries. This is a proven solution to traffic congestion in many growing cities.


As the only mayoral candidate who has worked in city government, I offer unique insight into how our government works and how it can be of greater service to you. I will ensure that all of our residents, from Goosport to Graywood, are the benefactors of strategic investment and excellence in service.

It is important that as our vision for this city becomes a reality that the dreams of our citizens do too. By enhancing the city’s Small Business Opportunity Program we will help to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit here that drives economies around the world. To do this, we must dissolve barriers and streamline our permitting and licensing processes. My administration will digitize many of our services and increase electronic efficiencies for our business community.

As we prosper, we must not forget the responsibilities of prosperity. We must address concerns such as homelessness, recidivism, and the need for youth mentorship. From my experience in community services, I know that these challenges can be addressed through strategic relationships with non-profit organizations throughout our city.


Everything we do must enhance our quality of life. I will lead the effort to create a community that we all will be proud to call home—a place we love. Lake Charles is home to some of the best restaurants, museums, tourist attractions, art galleries, and shops. I want to assist our arts community with cultural and economic districts and provide creative space to showcase talent.

Just imagine the character and culture of downtown flowing throughout the entire Ryan Street and Enterprise Boulevard thoroughfares as well as culture-based, family-friendly experiences for all ages throughout this city.

I envision arenas and sports centers, amphitheaters, and festival areas. Lake Charles will be a place that people will want to visit, want to live, and want to retire. As ambassador, I will work tirelessly to promote our great city first to our residents and then to the world.


The greatest asset to our city’s infrastructure is our employees. Our investment must begin here. We will continue to foster positive and beneficial working relationships with our city employees in order to meet the demands of a growing city. We will ensure public safety personnel are well trained, equipped and supported to provide a secure community.

Water doesn’t stop at the city limits, so we must utilize a regional strategy that first addresses drainage obstruction and enlighten the public on the damage that trash and vegetation have on drainage.  Secondly, we must incorporate retention ponds or detention areas into our future developments that are both beautiful and innovative.

We will also put into place a strategic plan to identify problematic drainage and sewer lines, and replace them where needed. We will look at roads that commonly flood and seek permanent solutions.

We will also examine ways to grow our boundaries through new strategic and balanced developments while ensuring that we will maintain the most cost-efficient way of expanding and increasing our city’s population and services.

Over the past 150 years, our city has been the beneficiary of major energy, entertainment, and healthcare investments. It is time to make an investment in ourselves. This STEAM Plan will use creative and comprehensive financial solutions that correspond with the specific ideas and projects. Financial models that have been proven elsewhere will be identified and considered, such as Tax Incremental Financing, Enterprise Zones, New Market Tax Credits, and Municipal Bonds.

It’s time to begin moving forward to building a greater Lake Charles. On E-Day, March 25, vote E, #12, Eligha Guillory Jr. for Mayor, and let’s move Lake Charles full STEAM ahead.

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